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Animals, Farms, & Crafts

Sept 11 - Oct 26, 2019

Many, many thanks to Maris Platais for creating such an incredible afternoon
during his Painting Demonstration !!
FA Private Collection 2019

 July 12 - August 24, 2019

The gallery will be Open by Appointment, Wed-Sat.
Just call or email to schedule a day/time.

FA will give a Tour * & Reception for The Collection:

Thurs July 18    5pm-6pm
Sat Aug 10    4pm-5pm

* Please RSVP for a Tour, email or call 781 862.0660.

Birds, Flowers & Gardens

May 15 - June 29, 2019

Kara Bigda, Flowers
Richard Brady, Gardens

Anni Crouter, Birds 

Pam Giarratana, Gardens

Ellen Granter, Birds and Flowers

Ryan Jacque, Birds

Jean Lightman, Flowers


                  Lynne Mehlman, Flowers

                  Mary Minifie, Flowers

                  Mary Rose O'Connell, Flowers

                  Suzan Osborn, Gardens

                 , Gardens

                  Samanatha Slone, Flowers

                  Rose Tanner, Birds



"A Little of This, A Little of That"
Prints, Portraits, Landscapes, and Almost Miniatures
March 20 - April 28, 2019





Thank you Bob Tomolillo for your wonderful Demo!

Thank you Kate Hanlon for your wonderful Demo!



Thank you Kendra Ferreira for your wonderful Demo!







Thank you Grace Bentley-Scheck for your Print Demonstration on Sat, March 10
















27th Annual Almost Miniatures Show
November 18, 2010 - January 15, 2011

Widely recognized by artists and clients as our most popular
show. This show has small paintings no larger than 8" x 10" image
size by New England's finest realist art. Miniatures from England,
France and Belgium as well.

We sold over 40 paintings.


Darryl Loyer


Cindy House


Monica Vachula


Gerald Lubeck


Charles E. Nelson


Director's Choice
First Place Blue Willow 2 Charles E. Nelson
Mergansers in Winter Cindy House
Second Place Old Books, New Fruit Monica Vachula
Durnstein, Austria Loring W. Coleman
Best Body of Artists' Work
1st Place Seascapes Paul George
2nd Place Vintage Cars Darryl Loyer
3rd Place Beach/Water Scenes Gerald Lubeck
4th Place Still Lifes Jeanne Rosier Smith
Best Work by Newcomers
1st Place Will Kirkpatrick
2nd Place Barney Levitt

2nd Craft Show Lexington
Sept 23 – Oct 31, 2010

2nd craft show

27th Annual Portrait Show
April 22 - May 22, 2010


Depot Square Artists Show Again
in Lexington

February 18 – March 27, 2010

We are so very pleased to show artists from the Depot Square Gallery, formerly located at 1837 Mass Ave Lexington.

Since their closing March, 2009 Lexington has missed this popular gallery.

depot square artists

26 Annual Almost Miniatures
Nov 20, 2009 – Jan 16, 2010

craft show

Craft Show Lexington
Sept 17 – Oct 31, 2009

craft show

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