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26th Annual Portrait Show
April 30 - June 7, 2009

Portraits North is the only gallery in the U.S. that has a changing exhibit dedicated to portraits every year.

• 50 - 60 portraits
• Loaned portraits as best examples
• A variety of sizes, prices, styles & mediums

The gallery can help you decide who will paint the portrait of the founder of your company, your children, the head of your department, or a college president who is stepping down.

Call or email the gallery to make an appointment for a presentation of portrait artists.

Holly Bedrosian
Wende Caporale
Diana DeSantis
Grace DeVito
Jan Dolan
Susan Durkee
Stella Ehrich
John Ennis
Kathy Fieramosca
John Gable
Sally Gates
Kerri Gibbs
Tom Gill
David Goatley
Eric Goldberg
Kevin Gordon
Daniel E. Greene
Victoria Guerina
Claudia Hopf
Ralph Stone Jacobs
Jacqueline Jasper
Dennis Lavorato
Terry Lennox
Ying-He Liu
Willard Lustenader
Jeff Martin
Marvin Mattelson
Clemente Micarelli
Marion Miller
Mary Minifie
Noreen Mola
William Mundy
Wilson Jay Ong
Alain Picard
Numael Pulido
Shirley Pulido
Susan Richards
Robert Sabin
John H. Sanden
Peter Seltzer
Jeanne Smith
Bradley Stevens
Peter Stimeling
B.J. Wayne
Jack Wei
Jerry Weiss
Charlotte Wharton
Robert Francis Whelan
Richard Whitney
Cyrus Whittier
Lois Woolley




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